Degustation Advises


Caviar shall be kept in the refrigerator at a temperature between 0 and 4°C. To be consumed at best, before the date mentioned on our tin boxes.

Taste qualities may have changed after this date of expiry but the product remains consumable for 2 months.

Just like a fine wine, we recommend to open the tin box 10 minutes before serving and place it on a bed of ice.

Caviar must be consumed fairly quickly, within 48 hours following the opening.



Knowing how to taste caviar is important to savour all its subtlety. Enjoy Caviar as it is, without any other product combined (recommended quantity: 15 g per person) in a Russian-style or with a spoon (mother-of-pearl, horn, porcelain, even plastic).

Place the eggs on the tongue, let them get warmer shortly in your mouth and let explode their flavours against your palate, gently.

Inhale slightly with your mouth while tasting the caviar to receive all the different flavour your caviar can offer - as you would inhale to taste a wine. The last will evolve while tasting and will surprise you. Enjoy slowly this fine moment of pleasure.

Brut champagne, white wine, vodka or very iodised spirits (rum, whisky) pair well with Caviar.


Caviar can also be associated to other neutral delicacies (potatoes, eggs, fresh cream…) or refined delicacies (scallop, crustaceans). 

The easiest way is to simply place the caviar on a fresh cream which would cover a thin slice of potato. combined a slice of potato

Dressing must be done just before serving in order not to let the caviar to warm up.