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Founded by Alexandre Raphoz and Jean-Jacques Teriens, Conzept Caviar is born with the desire to create new consumption habits around caviar. Today wrongly  considered as a luxury product reserved for a small category of fine connoisseurs, Conzept Caviar intends to regain a younger consumer target. Intimate and public cultural events, every occasion is good to enjoy high quality caviar.

Traveling around the globe searching for the best product

To offer the best caviar, the two co-founders first went to Iran in 2019, by the Caspian Sea to rediscover the best world known Iranian Beluga caviar.
Their trip then took them to Italy to select Baeri and Oscietre caviar to have a high quality steady classic caviar.
In 2022, their quest for the best lead  them to the South West of France to taste the finest Baeri & Oscietre french caviar and delicate, enabling them to diversify their offer.
Former Sommelier, he has 40 years of activity in the high-end food and beverage sector. With is 10 years experiences at Caviar House Geneva and being the founder of From’epices SA which import high quality & fine products for haute cuisine, he is the expert to select outstanding Caviar.
Co-founder of Conzept Caviar, logistician and business developer in the commodity trading industry. His business acumen and commercial flair are essential to secure the supply and safeguard the distribution.