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Conzept Caviar

Beluga x Oscietre - Caviar AMUR / Acipenser Schrenki x Huso Dauricus

Beluga x Oscietre - Caviar AMUR / Acipenser Schrenki x Huso Dauricus

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Born in the Amur River between northern China and Russia, this hybrid sturgeon comes from the mating of a male Asian Oscietre and a female Beluga.


Species: Acipenser Schrenki x Huso Dauricus                                             

Taste: Creamy and long hazelnut taste in the mouth                                        

Egg size: Large firm grain, 3 up to 3.4 mm                                                     

Color: golden to light brown in colour                                            

Egg maturity: 8-10 years 

The sturgeons (Fish caviar species) bred in open water in a natural environment and not in a farm. With the aim of rediscovering the flavor of the wonderful wild caviar.

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Sturgeon eggs, salt